Space and Satellites Artist Residency – Work in Progress: Julia McGhee

Julia McGhee , Geoff Robbins and John McGeoch


Julia McGhee
Julia is a freelance dance artist who lives and works in Inver, a remote, rural community near Tain in Highland. She creates work in response to her local environment and the people who live in it. She collaborates with other artists to create live performance, dance film and participatory events. Her career as a dance artist spans 12 years working as a performer, choreographer and teacher. As well as her own independent classes, she regularly teaches for arts organisations, community groups and schools. Julia is a member of The Work Room, is a Dance North Regional Artist and in 2017 she was awarded the Janice Parker Projects & Saltire Award. www.juliamcghee.co.uk

Geoff Robbins
Geoff Robbins is the school science lab technician at Tain Royal Academy. He has a background in astrophysics, web development and a broad range of scientific and technical subjects. He builds data bases and provides web development support to a range of artists. His work with data includes a project that searched the first 50 million digits of Pi to find valid ISBN numbers, cross-referencing this with Google Books to find the first three books in Pi. As a coder (Python/Java Script) he will support the team in downloading and interpreting satellite data from EOS Worldview and Sentinel Online.

John McGeoch
John McGeoch has been working in the arts since the early 80`s progressing through street theatre to touring theatre to multimedia. He is currently mostly involved in animation and mapped projections. He ran Arts in Motion and its performance production space for over fifteen years. He particularly enjoys collaborations and work with artists of many disciplines. He also runs a steampunk venue at Belladrum Festival and runs the sets and projections for Inverness Halloween on the Islands. Currently in lockdown he is working on a few small projects with Australian artists and creating an archive of past work. https://vimeo.com/user2338864

The Space and Satellites residencies are funded by the DDI and supported by EFI. The residencies will create a space for exploration and aim to create genuine collaborations between science and creative practice. The residency started on the 1st of May and will culminate in an on-line exhibition from the 13th of July on the Inspace website with the aim to be shown in Inspace later in the year. https://inspace.ed.ac.uk

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