Space and Satellites Artist Residency – Work in Progress: Victoria Evans

As part of the Space and Satellites Artist Residency programme we are running a series of Work in Progress events for our research webinar series and each week we will hear from the artists on their experiences so far and a glimpse as to what is to come for our exhibition in July. In the fourth of our talks Victoria Evans, contemporary artist, will talk through her work exploring the communications between satellites in her project ‘Deep Space Call and Response’. She will be joined by collaborator Matthew Reed from the European Space Agency and also Sam Healy and Brendan McCarthy from Ray Interactive.

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The satellites that orbit our planet or extend deep into space are capable of collecting huge swathes of data relating to a range of human concerns: those that are immediate and pragmatic – such as monitoring changes in air pollution or the melting of Arctic sea-ice; as well as those that are more distant and esoteric – such as mapping the dynamics of a black hole or a supernova. But how do we actually keep in touch with these tiny craft in the vastness of space? And how do they communicate the information they have gathered back to us on earth?

Victoria has been working with data from the European Space Agency (ESA) to uncover the patterns of ongoing communication between twelve space missions and the network of ground stations that support them. Victoria is using a process of data sonification (the use of non-speech audio to perceptualise information) to make their movements and communicative rhythms audible. She hopes that, through using sound as the primary medium for the artwork, these complex interactions can be experienced in a new way. ‘Deep Space Call and Response’ aims to highlight, poetically, the co-operative networks that lie behind the data, and that allow us to extend our perception out into the solar system and beyond.

Victoria will talk about how the collaboration with Matthew Reed (Space Operations Centre at ESA), Sam Healy (Creative coding at Ray Interactive) and Richy Carey (Sound designer) has shaped her artistic process and about why she was drawn to this particular scientific subject.


Victoria Evans
Victoria Evans is a contemporary artist and practice-based PhD researcher within the School of Design at Edinburgh College of Art. She graduated with a master’s degree in fine art practice from Glasgow School of Art in 2015, and in 2019 was awarded a UK Arts and Humanities Research Council studentship by the Scottish Graduate School. Her work has been exhibited widely in Glasgow and Edinburgh and she has attended international residencies in Scotland and abroad.

Victoria works across a shifting combination of moving image, sound, sculpture and installation. Her PhD studies explore how the theories of agential realism and distributed cognition can be employed to expand the field of creative research, within the practice of moving image installation. One of the strands of this research involves the sonification of data to create novel audience experiences relating to man-made and environmental cycles.

Matthew Reed
Matthew Reed is ESTRACK Planning Officer at the Network Operations Centre at the European Space Agency (ESA) in Darmstadt, Germany. His role is to ensure that ESTRACK, the network of ground stations used to communicate with space craft, are configured correctly for all ESA supported missions, including those for external agencies such as NASA, JAXA and ISRO etc..

Ray Interactive
Interactive Art and Design Studio with a focus on generative design, creative coding and live interactive experiences. Ray Interactive have been supporting all of our artists throughout the residency process in both getting to grips with the data and helping with visualisations.


Running Order

4:00 – 4:05 – Welcome by host, Dr Dave Murray-Rust

4.05-4.15- Intro by Sam Healy and Brendan McCarthy from Ray Interactive about their work with all the artists

4.15-4.30- Matthew Reed, European Space Agency (ESA)

4.30-4.45- Victoria Evans, artist in residence

4.45-5.00- Q&A

* Please note that this webinar will be recorded*


Next week will be our final talk, so look out for tickets coming soon!

9 July – Stacey Hunter (design curator) working with Ben Hymers (weaver and rug tufter)


The Space and Satellites residencies are funded by the DDI and supported by EFI. The residencies will create a space for exploration and aim to create genuine collaborations between science and creative practice. The residency started on the 1st of May and will culminate in an on-line exhibition from the 13th of July on the Inspace website with the aim to be shown in Inspace later in the year. https://inspace.ed.ac.uk

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