Telling Tales of Engagement open until 23 February

Poetic expressions of smart donations with Oxfam

Inspace City Screen at Potterrow in Edinburgh
from Monday, 10th January to Wednesday 23rd February 2022

We are exhibiting the works of our three commissioned artists for Telling Tales of Engagement: Poetic Expressions of Smart Donations with Oxfam at Inspace City Screen and online throughout January and February 2022.

Three commissioned artist researchers cut through the corpus of a major research project that took place between 2019 and 2021: the OxChain Smart Donations project. The OxChain project set out to explore how blockchain technologies could be used to reshape value in the context of international development and the work of Oxfam to reach new audiences.

Our three artists, using their own unique media forms and methods, are: Bakita Kasadha (poetic inquiry), Martin Glynn (data verbalisation) and Nicky Melville (experimental lyric poetry). They have designed this series of poetic responses to transactional cultures, blockchain and smart donations. Excerpts of their written and performed works have been reimagined for Inspace City Screen by Ray Interactive and you can now see and read their full works on the Inspace exhibition website https://inspace.ed.ac.uk/telling-tales-of-engagement/ .

For the full experience you can visit Inspace City Screen on Potterrow (at 1 Crichton Street) to see:

  • Martin Glynn’s To be or not to be crypto: A soliloquy to charitable donations, two of his four provocations set as soliloquy (a poem, discourse, or utterance that has the form of a monologue or a series of spoken reflections).
    Available to view at Inspace City Screen from Monday, 10th to Sunday, 17th January and 2-8th February 2022
  • Bakita Kasadha’s Informed Giving?, visual-poetic responses, and A new way to connect (found poetry) a written piece.
    Available to view at Inspace City Screen from Monday, 17th to Sunday, 23rd January and 9-15th February 2022
  • Nicky Melville’s working processes of appropriation (the use of found text to make into poetry) and visual poetry in blockchain sonnetsblockchain letters and blockchain blocks.
    Available to view at Inspace City Screen from Monday, 24th to Sunday, 30th January and 16-23rd February  2022


Artwork projected onto Inspace City Screen is best viewed after dark. Inspace City Screen will show an excerpt of a full video or piece of one work from an artist each night. The schedule for this is set out below.

This is a free exhibition which can be viewed from outside at street level. As these works can be viewed from the pavement at Potterrow, please be aware that there is both pedestrian, cycle and vehicular traffic that will be travelling nearby. Please take care when pausing to view the works and maintain social distancing in line with Scottish Government advice.

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Inspace, 1 Crichton Street, Edinburgh