Transformative Spaces: Science-Art Residencies

Friday, 5th April 2024
Inspace Gallery
1 Crichton Street, Edinburgh, EH8 9AB
18:00-20:00 (Doors Open 17:30)

This panel brings together Fiona Smith (Creator-in-residence), Matthias Günther and Bianka Hofmann (Fraunhofer MEVIS) and the Institute for Design Informatics, University of Edinburgh, to give insights into the “STEAM Imaging V” residency. Join this event to learn how artists, scientists, and school students created an innovative science engagement space to explore the promises and challenges of AI in future healthcare.

Presented by University of Edinburgh

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Fiona Smith is a doctor and an AI scientist whose passion for art has led her to exploring multimedia approaches for public engagement throughout her career. Fiona is a graduate of the University of St Andrews and the University of Manchester Medical Schools. She completed her foundation training in South East Scotland and her Plastic Surgery Themed Core Surgical Training in North East England. In 2021 she joined the CDT for Biomedical AI at the University of Edinburgh, where in addition to investigating AI applications in surgery for her PhD, she is a tutor for Case Studies in AI Ethics.

Guest Speakers

Matthias Günther studied Physics at the University of Heidelberg and did his Ph.D. at the Cancer Research Center in Heidelberg on sophisticated Magnet Resonance Imaging development and applications. After receiving his Ph.D., he joined Advanced MRI Technology, a company founded by David Feinberg in California. After three and a half years, Dr. Günther came back to Germany to found his own company in Heidelberg, mediri GmbH, offering (research) services for image-based clinical trials. He also continued his scientific career at the university hospital Mannheim. After Habilitation in 2008, he became Professor at the University Bremen and joined Fraunhofer MEVIS in Bremen as part of the management board. He is now deputy institute director of Fraunhofer MEVIS with a joint professorship on MR-Physics.

Bianka Hofmann is a producer and developer of contemporary formats to inspire experiences with new technologies, incorporating spaces for artistic practice and reflection in the humanities. Through this approach, she wants to enable a diverse audience to build an emotional and positive relationship with science and technology while avoiding uncritical optimism. Hofmann initiates, produces, and directs intersectional projects leveraging deep scientific knowledge within programs, productions, services, and workshops across science, integrating art. Specialized in the transdisciplinary transfer of knowledge through interactive experiences, she has delivered interactive exhibits and immersive experiences encompassing 2D-large-scale and 3D short films. Hofmann leads an international artist residency program at a research institution, including participatory STEAM courses to stimulate critical dialog about and widen the ownership of new technologies. She works presently as Head of Science Communication at Fraunhofer MEVIS.

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Inspace, 1 Crichton Street, Edinburgh