Volunteering on the Ledger #1 – Identity Management

This unique research event is designed to shape an innovative and emerging technology towards the practical needs and aspirations of volunteers and volunteer-involving organisations.

Join a small group of peers and help determine how blockchain technology can solve key challenges and create new forms of value within the sector.

On the day, as well as taking you through the key features of blockchains, we’ll be developing ideas about how these can be relevant for anyone involved in environmental, cultural heritage and/or youth-engagement volunteering.

This first-of-3 workshops will dive deeper into: Identity Management

  • Consider what is most important around volunteers’ identity
  • Envision a basis for data portability: what if volunteers could ’own’ and permit use of some or all of their identity data?
  • Discuss potential implications for your organisation – and the wider sector
  • Co-create a shared system and collaborative ideas, supported by proven design methods and with expert practitioners in the room

We are looking for willing participants with an open mind to new technologies and with experience of volunteering and the sector. As a design-led workshop, a working knowledge of blockchain is not required. The workshop is highly participative and will use creative practical exercises and novel approaches to convey ideas, connect these with familiar challenges in the sector, and foster mutual understanding and co-creation.

Sign up through Eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/volunteering-on-the-ledger-the-inside-track-on-blockchain-tickets-50782808748