Call for Participation: DRS 2018 workshop

DRS workshop | 25th June 2018 | 2pm – 5:30pm | Limerick (Ireland)

This workshop will explore the implications of evolving distributed ledgers’ and autonomous systems’ technologies which introduce the principle that products and services may soon be owned and managed collectively and not governed by one person or authority, thus allowing us to rethink traditional concepts of trust, ownership and power. This workshop will support participants’ critical understanding of these new forms of distributed systems while exploring what tangible tools may support design researchers in understanding complex technologies.

We welcome designers, researchers and practitioners from all backgrounds to participate in our workshop who have an interest in understanding trust in distributed systems and learning through material tools. No previous knowledge is required and we welcome academics, creatives, industry experts and non-specialists alike.

The workshop is open to all delegates of DRS but there is a limited amount of 20 spaces available. So, if you’re interested in participating and would like to secure your place, please email no later than 20th June 2018 with the following:

  • your name
  • your affiliation
  • a short biography (50 words)
  • a brief summary of your interest in trust, distributed systems and/or tangible tools (200 words)

For full details of the workshop, click here.

This workshop is for delegates of DRS 2018 only, so you need to register for DRS here.