Data Flows

As part of our move into our new offices at the Bayes Centre we employed designers Sigrid Schmeisser from Peak15 and Christoph Miler from Offshore Studio to create an engaging entranceway to our offices and studio space.

Their design concept was built on the overarching themes of the Design Informatics Centre’s vision, outlined below. They visualised them in a stream of data funneled through pipes across the space. The inner view of the pipe unfolds micro narratives about the interaction between data flows and meta themes such as energy, transport, production, security, health and communication. Existing research projects inspired these narratives, though the principles illustrated may be the basis of future research.

Design Informatics
Data driven innovation is transforming society and the economy. We design systems for better human data interaction, in diverse settings such as health, culture, mobility and finance. We explore design from, with, and by data: the central concern is the design of flows of data which sustain and enhance human values.

Designer http://www.offshorestudio.ch

Project Lead https://www.peak15.design


Installation and vinyls by Blackbox https://entertheblackbox.co.uk