DECaDE and Digital Catapult, Creative Industries Workshop, Ownership Rights and Attribution for Digital Media

On 22nd January, DECaDE together with Digital Catapult held a workshop with creative professionals to explore a cutting-edge technical framework known as ORA, which explores how we might embed usage and attribution rights into digital content under a practice called ‘tokenised rights’.

Attendees were invited to engage in a discussion that aimed to challenge the existing narratives on ownership and digital rights management. This comprised of an ecosystem mapping activity where attendees could consider the different types of media they use in their day-to-day practice and start to apply the ORA framework to examine the opportunities and complexities of using tokenised rights as an alternative management tool. This highlighted a variety of media types, from visual arts and photography to more personal forms of media such as deep fakes and avatars. Likewise, the activity raised various and chronic challenges faced by the creative industries regarding rights management and ownership. This includes themes such as AI, tracking usage, and establishing permissions which appear to persist across different media types and creative professionals. Here at DECaDE, we aim to use the findings from the workshop to continue exploring ORA both as a tool to interrogate these challenges and offer opportunities to address them.

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