LENS: Design Informatics Pavilion 2018

Learn about the exhibits in the DI Pavilion


In the second of our features on exhibits in the Design Informatics Pavilion, learn about LENS, one of the projects designed and built by Tesco Bank design and digital teams and Design Informatics students.


In a speculated future, ownership of data is shifting from businesses to individuals. Ever thought of sharing your Amazon purchases, FitBit steps, or your YouTube subscriptions with a potential employer? What if it increased your likelihood of getting your dream job?

Started from a conversation around proof of identification among cultures, Lens challenges the ability to leverage value in personal data. The UK has a conventional way of proving identity; with present-day technology, we see this beginning to change. Looking at examples from countries such as China, Estonia and India, what predictions can we make for the UK?

Lens is an interactive research pod at the Edinburgh Fringe where you can now actively explore the different data sources you could use to build your own digital identity. Using six different personas, users are taken through the journey of applying for a new job. Can you put yourself in someone else’s shoes and pick the data sources with the most value? How could you use these lessons to broaden your view on digital identity and the power of personal data? Discover what advantages (and disadvantages) it could bring to your day-to-day life.