Quantum Consciousness © Paul Thomas, 2015

Quantum Computing by Design week

Design Informatics is excited to welcome you to our Quantum Computing by Design week! What is Quantum Computing by Design? Well, under the umbrella of this title we have planned two events to help our community understand together what exactly we mean when we say quantum computing. The concept and ideas are often confused by science fiction, and the use of ‘quantum’ thrown about in media — so much so, that the true essence of the subject can get lost in the fray. It’s our objective to pick apart that fray and explore the challenges and possibilities of quantum computing. Here at Design Informatics, it is our belief that by doing a thing ourselves, we will gain a better understanding of it. So with that principle in mind, we will begin our week on Thursday with a talk by Mina Doosti entitled From Quantum Computing to Quantum Mechanics: A journey backwards in time, which will introduce us to the concepts of quantum computing. Then join us again on Friday (with pen and paper in hand!) for the virtual Quantum Reflection: Quantum Drawing Workshop led by Paul Thomas, which will challenge not only our artistic abilities, but also our current assumptions on the subject matter at hand.

From Quantum Computing to Quantum Mechanics: A journey backwards in time

by Mina Doosti

Thursday, October 7th @ 4PM

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Quantum computing is a beautiful combination of quantum physics and computer science that has been brought to life by some of the most brilliant and unintuitive ideas of the past century. It is, for sure, one of the most exciting and hot-topic research areas of our time. Maybe, for this reason, it has been wrapped around many mysteries and media buzz. But one thing is sure:  It has already hugely impacted our understanding of the world around us, and as many researchers in this field believe, this is just the entrance of the rabbit hole! Quantum computers exploit phenomena from the world of subatomic particles which are governed by rules of physics, quite different from our common sense and everyday experience. In this talk, we will start from the current developments of quantum computers and research frontiers of this field, and we go backwards in time to where it all started. In this short journey, we will try to unravel some of the truth from fiction, grasp a better understanding of quantum computers, and at the same time dive into the fascinating world of quantum science and see how deep the rabbit hole goes!


Quantum Reflection: Quantum Drawing Workshop

by Paul Thomas

Friday, October 8th @ 2PM

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Paul Thomas, Quantum Sound (detail), 2013, graphite, graphite acrylic paint on paper.

The Quantum Drawing workshop designed by Honorary Professor Paul Thomas would benefit scientists, physicists, artists and designers. The participants will explore via drawing concepts of John Bell’s 1964 provocation, to try and capture reality in the act of happening. Bell’s theorem was designed to prove or disprove the fundamental concept of quantum mechanics.
The Quantum Drawing workshop draws an analogous relationship with probability and uncertainty prevalent in science where the observer affects what is observed. The workshop questions the role of the observer influencing what is seen and experienced whilst measuring the world through drawn marks. By the act of drawing, the participants will question their roles in observing and measuring the world.
Intentional repositioning and reshaping of science practices through art can promote exploration of different ways of visualising, perceiving, understanding, communicating and acting in the material world. In so doing this workshop becomes a model for facilitating transdisciplinary development of alternative domains and discourses that garner insights gained from perception, seeing with understanding.



(Image source: Quantum Consciousness © Paul Thomas, 2015 )