The Dust [n]Forcer

by Patricia WuWu

The Dust [n]Forcer is a series of collaboration between Patricia Wu Wu and Asad Khan. It explores the schisms of the Anthropocene, using rogue computation practices and philosophical fictioning. 

It is created by retrieving data from a performer wearing a 3D printed face-mask and a highly reflective tinfoil fashion suit, simulating it as animated sequences. 

The outcome serves as an aesthetic portal, exploring the finitude of human thought in understanding the image of the anthropomorphic body in the Anthropocene. Aesthetic decisions are driven by a fictional character –– ‘Pazuzu’. Pazuzu first appears in Reza Negarestani’s theory-fiction of the Middle East, ‘Cyclonopedia.’ The performance liberates this fictional character from its textual paradigm — into a swarm of data dust, where it observe the manifest image of Man in the Anthropocene.