TrustBall: Design Informatics Pavilion 2018

In the first of our news stories about what you can see in the Design Informatics Pavilion, learn more about ‘TrustBall.’


We regularly sign up to new digital services, websites or apps online. The process of agreeing to Terms of Services has increasingly become more complex and is often hidden in the legal fine print behind interfaces of simplified one-click acts of consent. The hidden complexity of collecting and sharing user data by companies is becoming increasingly important to address the imbalance between data labourers (users) and data monetizers (companies).

In a digital economy where data is continuously becoming currency, do you read the Terms and Conditions of new digital services you sign up to? Do you understand Terms of Services and what they mean for the collection, use and sharing of your data? This project aims to explore other ways of exploring this one off interaction of consent. For instance, would you consider asking someone else to make this decision on your behalf? Who would you trust to understand the legal jargon and have your best interest at heart? Would you trust a friend, a lawyer or a bot to agree on your behalf?

Come and play Trust Ball and see who to trust with this playful interaction exploring alternative models of consent.

Trustball team: Bettina Nissen, Rory Gianni, Siyao Zhuo, Joanna Spreadbury, Chris Speed