Alexandre Colle

Alexandre Colle

PhD student at the Edinburgh Centre For Robotics

Alexandre Colle, PhD Student

Alexandre is a PhD student at the Edinburgh Centre For Robotics, his research focuses on Aesthetics and Robotics. Robots must become attractive artefacts to be desired and marketed to reach their full potential of enhancing human life.

After a BA in Fashion and Luxury Goods at the Mod’art Paris/University of Perpignan, his previous career focused on business development in fashion (Versace, Gaspard Yurkievich) and entrepreneurship in both luxury hospitality and fashion (Hotel Particulier Montmartre, Apologie Paris).

In 2009 he decided to imagine a future for robotics closer to the lifestyle environment he was familiar with. He cemented his vision during his MA in Industrial Design at Central Saint Martins where he graduated with distinction in 2018.

Currently finishing his PhD in robotics, he is also involved in different projects.

He is both a designer and entrepreneur at residence for Design Informatics at the University of Edinburgh.

He is also the art director and CEO for both Konpanion and Robobrico, two start-ups in social robotics.

Finally, he is working as a human-robot interaction and concept designer freelance for the Small Robot Company ,the leader of agritech robots in the UK.