Bettina Nissen

Bettina Nissen

Lecturer in Interaction Design

Dr Bettina Nissen, Lecturer in Interaction Design

Dr Bettina Nissen is a Lecturer in Interaction Design and researcher in Design Informatics at the University of Edinburgh. With a background in product and interaction design, digital fabrication and data physicalisation, her practice-based research focuses on engaging audiences with complex technological concepts and data through tangible means and makings. Bettina completed her AHRC-funded PhD in Human Computer Interaction at Newcastle University in 2018 and has recently worked on a series of RCUK-funded research projects spanning topics of trust and consent in pervasive environments (part of EPSRC-funded PACTMAN) and the future of value(s) (part of ESRC-funded collaboration After Money with the Royal Bank of Scotland and New Economics Foundation). Bettina is currently working with the People’s Bank of Govanhill and artist Ailie Rutherford in Glasgow to explore feminist economic perspectives of cryptocurrencies through craft and knitting.

Research Interests:

  • Research through Design
  • Designing with Data
  • Data Engagement
  • Data Physicalisation
  • Digital Fabrication

Research Profile:

Bettina’s research profile can be found on Edinburgh Research Explorer



Understanding how to manage issues of trust, privacy and consent in future pervasive environments

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Crypto-Knitting is a new collaboration between artist Ailie Rutherford and researcher Bettina Nissen exploring the potential of digital currencies in feminist economies

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After Money

If you change the representation of value, does it change the values that you can represent?

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Geocoin Workshop

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