Carlos Guerrero Millan

Carlos Guerrero Millan

PhD Student

Carlos Guerrero Millan, Early Stage Researcher - PhD Student

Carlos Guerrero Millan is an interdisciplinary designer studying the interaction and collaboration of humans with technology, applying co-creative methodologies and physical interactions as instruments to approach complex systems, uncover social and cultural relations through data and develop new interpretations of diverse concepts.

He’s interested in understanding the application of DIY sensors in the context of community-led cooperative organisations for social justice, by co-creating models based on local data that members collect themselves and on contextual information that they could be interested in measuring, visualizing and exchanging, inciting to the participatory appropriation, ownership and adaptation of these technologies through the co-design of prototypical devices and of physical representations of information.

Research interests

  • Collaborative methodologies
  • Data physicalisation
  • Information design
  • Systemic thinking