Devanjan Bhattacharya

Devanjan Bhattacharya

MSCA TRAIN@ED Postdoctoral Fellow

Devanjan Bhattacharya, MSCA TRAIN@ED Postdoctoral Fellow

Devanjan Bhattacharya’s area of research is around geomatics, geo-spatial technologies, intelligent geospatial analytics merging remotely sensed data, navigation technologies, and GIS platforms, towards sustainable smart societies. He is a Marie Curie Postdoc Fellow on data-driven innovation at Edinburgh University under TRAIN@ED project collaborating with DDI and other funders. He is working in School of Law PCREP group with peace-building processes compiling spatial data collected from various sources leading to geo-visualizations and dashboards for which he collaborates with VisHub research group of Design Informatics.

This research domain is called PeaceTech and it involves use of pertinent technologies to advance the field of conflicts resolution by aiding peace intiatives by the way of data analytics and advanced visualizations. During the Covid period, Devanjan got an ESRC Impact grant to deliver a proposal on safe micro-mobility for urban populations by a map-based interface providing shortest-path routing avoiding infection hotspots. His upcoming research aims to tackle conflict implications on climate and environment from a spatial data perspective. Earlier, he has worked on EU based smart cities projects for developing and developed economies, disaster management and software development.