Jenny Elliott

Jenny Elliott

PhD Research in Urban Design

Jenny Elliott is an award-winning Chartered Landscape Architect and freelance Designer. Jenny is a strong advocate for design-led, collaborative and data-driven place-based approaches to reimagine and improve our cities in terms of health, well-being, user experience and environmental sustainability. She combines industry experience and skills in urban design, placemaking, project management and research with visual communication skills in graphic design, illustration and photography to document, share and deliver both practice-based urban design projects and research outputs.

Jenny recently led design and delivery of project ‘Future of the High Street’ in her former role as Smart Places Lead for Edinburgh Futures Institute (Landscape Institute Award Finalist 2021 for ‘Partnership and Collaboration’). She also led the design and community engagement work of Edinburgh Living Lab project ‘Data and Design for Property Planning’ in collaboration with City of Edinburgh Council (Landscape Institute 2020 award winner for ‘Excellence in Community Engagement’).

Jenny’s PhD research uses design thinking, service design and UX design approaches to explore built environment practitioners’ experiences of barriers to achieving ideal public space design in reality, and identify and prototype possible solutions. This includes a focus on the value urban data, co-design, and innovation can bring to support public space design, decision-making and planning in future. The PhD is supervised across GeoSciences (via Dr Nina Morris), Design Informatics (via Dr Larissa Pschetz), ESALA (via Prof Catharine Ward Thompson), and in collaboration with industry partner Connected Places Catapult. It is funded by SGSAH.