John Lee

John Lee

Professor of Digital Media

Prof John Lee, Professor of Digital Media

Prof John Lee is Professor of Digital Media at the University of Edinburgh. He holds a PhD in Philosophy and Cognitive Science, from Edinburgh.  He works jointly in the School of Informatics and the Edinburgh College of Art (School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture). He directed the Edinburgh Computer-Aided Architectural Design (EdCAAD) research unit, and is deputy director of the Human Communication Research Centre.  His research interests centre around cognition and communication in design and learning.  He is especially interested in the creative uses of “rich media” (especially video) in teaching and learning, and in roles for data and design in social innovation.  He we was a founder of the long-standing MSc programme in Design and Digital Media and currently directs its online version, the MSc in Digital Media Design.  He has held many externally-funded grants, and was co-ordinator of the Edinburgh-Stanford Link research and commercialisation programme in language and speech technologies.

   Research interests
   *  cognition and communication in design and learning
   *  enriching media resources for teaching and learning
   *  roles for data and design in social innovation

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