Jonathan Rankin

Jonathan Rankin


Jonathan Rankin, Designer

Jonathan Rankin is a Designer working on the EPSRC funded OxChain project, in which he is explorating new models of philanthropy with the emergence of blockchain technologies.

He has a background in design futures, having worked on projects involving a wide variety of future visions from robotics and data to the environment and romance, in both London and Tokyo. His work deals with personal interactions and as such frequently captures the imagination of the public, and has been featured in publications such as CNN, Time and Tech Crunch. He is particularly interested in the evolution of our interaction with technology, and his expertise in physical prototyping characterises his design process. He hopes that the OxChain project will give him the opportunity to delve deeper into analysing human behaviour.


MSc (Innovation Design Engineering) – Imperial College London, MA (Innovation Design Engineering) – Royal College of Art, MEng (Mechanical Engineering) – Imperial College London