Kyle Morrison

Kyle Morrison

Design Technician

Kyle Morrison, Design Technician

Kyle Morrison works independently within the Institute of Design Informatics at the University of Edinburgh to support the UK-funded Healthier Working Lives (HWL) programme, its staff, and related projects. The 3-year programme focuses on the co-design, co-production, and take-up of novel products and services that address challenges in the recruitment, retention, and enhancement of the UK’s ageing care workforce. As the sole designer on HWL projects, Kyle is responsible for producing materials for co-design workshops, translating co-created concepts into concrete designs, and developing prototypes resulting from the co-creation process.

Outwith the university, Kyle has collaborated with photographers, engineers, and other design disciplines to produce original graphic elements and UX/UI content for more than 20 multimedia projects. He has over five years of experience in product and interaction design after achieving an upper-second class degree in product design from the University of Dundee.

“I often find myself drawn to projects with a user-centred design focus. A good product designer should know exactly who their users are and understand the difference between what they want and what they really need. With this in mind, I can formulate hypotheses, uncover insights from data and user research, and use those insights and findings to make informed design decisions.”