Luis Soares

Luis Soares

Research Associate

Dr Luis Soares, Research Associate

Dr Luis Soares (PhD) is a social scientist at the Institute for Design Informatics, Edinburgh College of Arts. He is currently working on a participatory research project which is part of the Healthy Ageing Challenge – UKRI, which goal is to enable businesses, including social enterprises, to develop and deliver products, services and business models that will be adopted at a scale which support people as they age.

Luis is also a teacher assistant and tutor in qualitative research methodology. His research interests comprise but are not limited to new media, design and development of ICT technologies, HCI, data-driven processes, and blockchain technology. Alongside his research work, he is passionate about teaching, blending different approaches and experimental didactics in the classroom.

Qualifications: BA in Communication and Journalism, MSc in Communication Sciences, Organisations and Information and Communication Technologies, MPhil in Communication Sciences, and PhD in Science and Technologies Studies

Link to current research projects:

Healthier working lives for the care workforce, with King’s College London

Healthy Aging Challenge, with UK Research and Innovation