Matthew Tannam-Elgie

Matthew Tannam-Elgie

PhD Student

Matthew Tannam-Elgie, PhD Student

Matthew Tannam-Elgie is a first year PhD candidate in Design Informatics funded by the SGSAH AHRC Collaborative Doctoral Award. His research focuses on digital theatre and technology-based creative fiction. Specifically, Matthew is interested in how digital technology affects the production and thematic content of theatrical performances and the critical response these projects receive. In addition, Matthew’s research examines audience interaction and engagement via live-streaming, chat features and other online tools. Matthew’s supervisors are Prof. Melissa Terras and Dr. Chris Elsden, and his research is in collaboration with the Traverse Theatre. Prior to starting his PhD at The University of Edinburgh, Matthew received his BA (International) degree and his MA degree from University College Dublin.

Matthew’s research aims to determine the extent to which established theories in performance studies can be applied to new creative projects presented online, examining not only screened stage plays but also performances created specifically for the internet. Drawing upon academic theory surrounding mediatised performance from the mid-Twentieth Century onwards, Matthew aims to explore the relatively new field of online performance using methods that incorporate design, informatics, performance studies and literature studies.


Research interests include:

  • Digital technology in the creative arts
  • Mediatised performance
  • Blogs, video-sharing websites and other online platforms in the production of creative fiction
  • Interactive audience engagement via the internet