Rory Gianni

Rory Gianni

Research Associate

Rory Gianni, Research Associate

Rory Gianni is a creative technologist and research associate working on PACTMAN: an EPSRC funded project on Trust, Privacy and Consent in Future Pervasive Environments. Within the project Design Informatics’ focus is to explore the understanding and management of consent in a data driven landscape. Rory has several years experience technology consulting with a variety of organizations, including startups, local authorities, charities, and research institutions. 

Research interests:

  • Data as infrastructure
  • Open data
  • Physical computing
  • P2P production

Qualifications: BSc (Applied Computing) – University of Dundee, MSc (Environmental Entrepreneurship) – University of Strathclyde.



Understanding how to manage issues of trust, privacy and consent in future pervasive environments

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Ox-Chain is a major research project between the Universities of Edinburgh, Northumbria and Lancaster, and research partners Oxfam, Zero Waste Scotland, Volunteer Scotland and WHALE Arts, funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council. It brings together experts in digital design, cryptography, business and international development. Through collaborative research, we will design a Blockchain for Oxfam to better support the circulation and re-circulation of valuable items within its business model – hence ‘Ox-Chain’.

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Smart Transactions in Public Spaces

From communicating with loved ones to organising our finances, IoT technology enables us to perform an increasingly wide range of tasks on the move, and in a variety of public spaces.

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After Money

If you change the representation of value, does it change the values that you can represent?

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