Ryan David Bowler

Ryan David Bowler

PhD candidate

Ryan David Bowler, PhD candidate

Ryan David Bowler is a 3rd year PhD student whose interests focus on the importance of revealing people’s diverse temporal experiences to illicit inclusive design responses within the narratives of Human-Computer Interaction. Most specifically, his research focuses on Temporal uncertainties, highlighting the need to represent people’s times of uncertainty. His work looks at uncertainty as a space for design intervention that does not solely aim to eradicate people’s temporal uncertainties. Instead, it looks at a need to support, understand, and create uncertainty to generate inclusivity around people’s diverse encounters with uncertainty.

He now aims to create a design tool kit for designers to explore participants’ times of uncertainty.

Research Interests

  • Inclusive Design
  • Time and Society
  • Temporal Uncertainty
  • Crip Time
  • Human-Computer Interaction