Sarah Kettley

Sarah Kettley

Chair of Material and Design Innovation

Prof Sarah Kettley, Chair of Material and Design Innovation

Prof. Sarah Kettley is Chair of Material and Design Innovation at Edinburgh College of Art. She holds a PhD and an MSc from the Centre for Interaction Design at Edinburgh Napier University, and completed her doctorate in wearable computing with the support of both the Jewellery department at ECA, and the Speckled Computing consortium led by Informatics at UoE. More recent research has brought together participatory design methods, electronic textiles, and mental health communities to investigate Carl Rogers’ Person-Centred Approach as a way of doing ethical and relational design with people.

Sarah convenes the Design Research Society special interest group on tangible, embedded and networked technologies (DRS tentSIG), reviews for academic conferences, and is a steering group member for Arcintex (a research through design friendly network in e-textiles, interaction design and adaptive architecture), and for the Immersive Scotland research network. She authored the Bloomsbury Required Reading teaching title, Designing With Smart Textiles and supervises PhD students in design for health, e-textiles, wearables and craft areas.