Susan Lechelt

Susan Lechelt

Lecturer in Design Informatics

Susan Lechelt, Lecturer in Design Informatics

Dr. Susan Lechelt is a Lecturer in Design Informatics. Her work is in the domains of human-computer interaction and interaction design and ties together the themes of data literacy, creativity, playfulness, sustainability, and responsible innovation. Her research is concerned with understanding and augmenting people’s perceptions and uses of data-driven technologies. She designs interventions, tools and prototypes to promote discussion and reflection about the role of new technologies in our lives and to empower non-experts to create with new technologies. Previously, these have ranged from playful physical interfaces that teach children fundamental computing concepts through dance, to illustrated card decks aimed to inspire creative practitioners to experiment with new data-driven methods.

The overarching goal of her research is to support diverse audiences in viewing technologies in new ways, towards stimulating creative practice and developing responsible and environmentally sustainable relationships with emerging technologies.

Currently, Susan is an affiliate researcher on the AHRC Creative Informatics cluster, as well as a Co-Investigator on the EPSRC “Fixing the Future: The Right to Repair and Equal-IoT” grant.


Creative Informatics

Creative Informatics aims to bring Edinburgh’s world-class creative industries and tech sector together, utilising innovative data-driven technologies to develop ground-breaking new products, businesses and experiences. 

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