Tara Capel

Tara Capel

Lecturer in Design Informatics

Tara Capel, Lecturer in Design Informatics

Dr Tara Capel is a Lecturer in Design Informatics at the University of Edinburgh with an interest in how technology can support people’s wellbeing and empowerment. Her research combines participatory and feminist research, collaborative design (co-design), design probes and making practices to explore new areas of technology design. Tara completed her PhD in Human-Computer Interaction at Queensland University of Technology in 2023, which explored how makerspaces could be designed in more inclusive ways to promote participation, and how the configuration of new spaces, which facilitate engagement with new tools and materials, can lead to new areas of design.

Research Interests: Human-computer interaction, participatory design, interaction design, design methods, making and co-creation practices, digital wellbeing, human-centred AI, generative AI, makerspaces, and civic and community engagement