Yuhao Sun

Yuhao Sun

PhD Student

Yuhao Sun, PhD Student

Yuhao Sun 孙宇浩 (he/him) is a doctoral candidate at the Roslin Institute and the Institute for Design Informatics at the University of Edinburgh. His present research is to comprehend the public’s perceptions of current polygenic risk scores, with a particular focus on the challenges preventing the application of this innovative technique. The University and China Scholarship Council sponsor his research.

Yuhao’s multidisciplinary background consists primarily of computer science and medicine. Previously, he earned an MRes in Medical Robotics and Imaging from Imperial College London and a BSc (Hons) in Computer Science from the University of Liverpool. In addition to his interest in Inclusion & Diversity, he co-founded the Inclusion Club during his undergraduate studies.

His research focuses include:

• Human-Computer Interaction in Healthcare
• Biomedical Informatics