Qualified Selves: Co-Creating Meaning Post-Big Data

Qualified Selves is a joint project between Lancaster and Edinburgh Universities. Its novel approach to co-design and co-creation has so far allowed for new and exciting prototypes to be developed to help us think about tracking data in different ways.

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Chatty Factories

Our vision for the manufacturing factory of the future is to embrace the rapid growth of Internet-connected products via embedded sensors producing massive volumes of data, and transform these traditionally discrete activities into one seamless process that is capable of real-time continuous product refinement.

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After Money

If you change the representation of value, does it change the values that you can represent?

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Smart Transactions in Public Spaces

From communicating with loved ones to organising our finances, IoT technology enables us to perform an increasingly wide range of tasks on the move, and in a variety of public spaces.

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Block Exchange

Explore the future of value beyond money in a dynamic workshop activity, run by you! Design Informatics and Design In Action has created a workshop toolkit for anyone interested in exploring the rapidly developing area of Blockchain and DLTs

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Karma Kettles

Could your kettle do more than boiling water?

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