Advanced Care Research Centre (ACRC)

Larissa Pschetz, Billy Dixon, John Vines, Cara Wilson

In collaboration with:

Usher Institute, Legal & General, ACRC

February 2020 to February 2027

Advanced Care Research Centre (ACRC)

The Advanced Care Research Centre Programme

A complementary programme of research and development to deliver innovation and change to later life care.


Our vision is of high‐quality data‐driven, personalised and affordable care that supports the independence, dignity and quality‐of‐life of people living in their own homes and in supported care environments.


Our aim is to transform care in later life using personalised care enabled by data science, artificial intelligence, assistive technologies and robotics embedded in systems of health and social care which are highly responsive to the wishes, priorities and needs of individual people in later life.

Transformational Research

Research activities are core to the work of the Advanced Care Research Centre, advancing our understanding and driving forward innovation.

Research, Translation, Innovation, Engagement

The Advanced Care Research Centre will deliver world-leading inter-disciplinary and cross-sectoral research, which translates into health and social care policy and practice, building and informing the development of new companies, products and services and informing the wider societal response to the challenges of population ageing.

Understanding the person in context

We will use innovative and established qualitative social science to understand how individuals in later life manage the challenges posed by changes in physical and mental function in the context of their social support, personal financial circumstances, community resources and statutory services. The findings and data generated will directly inform the focus, design and interpretation of the other programmes.

Photo by Bruno Aguirre on Unsplash

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