Centre for Digital Citizens

The Centre for Digital Citizens is a “next stage digital economy” research centre, led by Newcastle University and Northumbria University in partnership with 33 partners including the Design Informatics at University of Edinburgh. The Centre for Digital Citizens takes an inclusive, participatory approach to the design and evaluation of new technologies and services that support ‘smart; ‘data-rich’ living in urban, rural and coastal communities. The CDC works with citizens and partners to co-design sustainable ‘Digital Social Innovations’ that ensure technologies applications support diverse communities and have long-lasting social value and impact beyond the life of the Centre.

The Centre for Digital Citizens focuses its work around four key challenge areas where digital social innovation may have significant long-term impact – the ageless citizen (focused on lifelong and intergenerational learning and exchange), the well citizen (focused on community health and wellbeing), the safe citizen (focused on cybersecurity from a people-centric perspective) and the connected citizen (focused on connectivity for marginalised communities). Core to the Centre is co-creative methods, which is a strand across all of these challenges areas and where Design Informatics specifically inputs.

For more information, see here: https://digitalcitizens.uk/

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