SAIDS Project

Luis Soares

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SAIDS (Seamless Access to Inclusive Digital Services) Project

The SAIDS project aims to digitally enable public and third sector services that are typically paper-based or repeated manual data entry. One of the project goals is to identify Cost, Risk, Effort and Friction (CREF) within services provided by an organisation supporting citizens.  In this context, Mydex, a Community Interest Company, has developed a tool (the web-app generator – WAG) to create web apps to store data in citizens’ personal data stores (PDS). These PDSs, allow for data to be captured once and used many times across a cluster of organisations, the citizen keeping permanent control, deciding who should have access to relevant data, and knowing how the data will be used and the outcome of that usage. It is expected that the process will contribute not only to mitigate CREF but also to empower citizens.

Please find below a link for a blog post summarising the first workshop and advertising the next two, which will take place in Edinburgh (Inspace) on 26th November and in Glasgow (ADS) on 3rd December.

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